Connecticut Mutual Holding Company Presidents: Gary Roman, Steve Reilly, Thomas Villanova

Gary Roman, President & CEO

Steve Reilly, President & CEO

Thomas Villanova, President & CEO

Collinsville Savings Society

Northwest Community Bank and the CT Mutual holding company

Litchfield Bancorp

Strength Through Affiliation

Strength Through Affiliation

Connecticut Mutual Holding Company Presidents: Steve Reilly, Gary Roman, Thomas Villanova

Steve Reilly, President & CEO

Northwest Community Bank and the CT Mutual holding company

Gary Roman, President & CEO

Collinsville Savings Society

Thomas Villanova, President & CEO

Litchfield Bancorp

Bringing banking institutions together to serve you.

Originally established in 2001 and the first of its kind in the state, the Connecticut Mutual Holding Company was formed to preserve the unique qualities of the member banks and their ability to better meet the needs of the communities in which they served.

Each affiliate bank retains its name and state charter and each bank’s Board of Directors and senior management staff oversee the operations of their respective banks. Independence of action, local decision making by each bank, and the preservation of a mutual form of governance are key attributes of this unique holding company structure.

Logos: Connecticut Mutual Holding Company, Northwest Community Bank, Collinsville Savings, Litchfield Bancorp
With strength through affiliation, the combined resources of the holding company allows member better positioning to serve their customers with significantly greater loan capacity, leading edge products and services as well as enhanced technology-based delivery systems.

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Board of Directors

Susan Atkins, Owner – Bradshaw Jeep

Jeffrey P. Brighenti, Avon Plumbing & Heating

Kathleen J. Byko, CPA

Alan S. Colavecchio, Colavecchio Design, Co.

Jane B. Hinkel, Real Estate – Fahey Associates

Everett J. Newell,

Mark E. Macomber, Retired banker

Lorinda M. Pane, Belforest Kitchen

A. Paul Ramunni, Self-employed CPA

Stephen P. Reilly, NCB President and CEO

Gary J. Roman, CSS President & CEO

Ronald S. Rosenstein, Retired Attorney

William J. Shea II, Kerr Insurance Company

Donna L. Spescia, The Dowd Agency

Thomas J. Villanova, LBC President & CEO

David T. Wilson, Insurance/Finance

Chairmen and Officer Appointments
Stephen P. Reilly-President & CEO
Stephen P. Reilly
President & CEO

(860) 379-7561
Thomas J. Villanova-Exec. VP & Treasurer
Thomas J. Villanova
Exec. VP & Treasurer

(860) 567-9401
Gary J. Roman-Exec. VP
Gary J. Roman
Exec. VP

(860) 693-6936
Steven Zarrella-Senior VP, Chief Lending Officer
Steven Zarrella
Senior VP, Chief Lending Officer

(860) 379-7561
Robert Teittinen-Senior VP, Chief Lending Officer
Robert Teittinen
Senior VP, Chief Lending Officer

(860) 567-9401
Don Larusso-Exec. VP, Chief Lending Officer
Don Larusso
Exec. VP, Chief Lending Officer

(860) 693-6936
Maura A. Malo-Chief Risk Officer
Maura A. Malo
Senior VP
Chief Risk Officer

(860) 567-9401
Donna M. Funaro-Asst. VP, BSA Coordinator
Donna M. Funaro
Asst. VP
BSA Administrator

(860) 379-7561
Matthew R. Hazen-Asst VP, Security Officer
Matthew R. Hazen
Asst VP
Security Officer

(860) 379-7561
Lucinda T. Longo-VP, Senior Ops Officer
Lucinda T. Longo
VP, Senior Ops Officer

(860) 379-7561
Candee Palmer-VP, Residential Mortgage Manager
Candee Palmer
VP, Residential Mortgage Manager

(860) 693-6936
Nathan Samara-VP, IT Manager
Nathan Samara
VP, Chief Information Officer

(860) 379-7561
Deborah Kane-VP, Credit Risk Manager
Deborah Kane
VP, Credit Risk Manager

(860) 379-7561
Gina Galpin-Asst. VP, Credit Analyst
Gina Galpin
Asst. VP, Credit Analyst

(860) 379-7561
Krista Murphy-Asst. VP, Credit Analyst
Krista Murphy
Asst. VP, Credit Analyst

(860) 379-7561
Daniel J. Casey-VP, Special Assets
Daniel J. Casey
VP, Special Assets

(860) 379-7561
Michael Kleinschmitt-VP, Chief Accounting Officer
Michael Kleinschmitt
VP, Chief Accounting Officer

(860) 693-6936
Anne Shaw-VP, Controller
Anne Shaw
VP, Controller

(860) 567-9401
Linda F. Milkowski-VP, Chief Investments Officer
Linda F. Milkowski
VP, Chief Investments Officer

(860) 379-7561
Leslieanne Black-Senior VP, Chief Financial Officer
Leslieanne Black
Senior VP, Chief Financial Officer

(860) 567-9401
Paul McLaughlin JR-Senior VP, Chief Operating Officer
Paul McLaughlin JR
Exec. VP, Chief Operating Officer

(860) 567-9401
Lisa M. O’Neill-VP, Senior HR Officer
Dawn Classen
VP, Senior HR Officer

(860) 379-7561
Diane L. King-VP, Loan Servicing Manager
Diane L. King
VP, Loan Servicing Manager

(860) 693-6936
Deborah Tetro-Asst. VP, Comm. Loan Admin.
Deborah Tetro
Asst. VP, Comm. Loan Admin.

(860) 379-7561
Judith M. Wysocki-Asst. VP, Human Resource
Judith M. Wysocki
Asst. VP, Human Resource

(860) 379-7561
Barbara Fradette-Secretary
Barbara Fradette

(860) 379-7561
Susan Belle-Isle-Asst. Secretary
Susan Belle-Isle
Asst. Secretary

(860) 379-7561
Not Pictured
Ronald Rosenstein, Chairman
(860) 379-7561
Lorinda M. Pane, Vice Chairman
(860) 693-6936
Jane B. Hinkel, Vice Chairman
(860) 567-5872